Bulawayo top 10 best performing primary schools

Here is a list of the top ten performing primary schools for grade 7 public examinations sat in 2017 in Bulawayo. The province recorded an overall 86.9% pass rate double the national pass rate which is 44.73%. 54 out of 124 schools on Bulawayo attained at least 80%.

Bulawayo province has 133 primary schools in total. Out of the 133, 9 are special schools and infant schools that do not sit for grade 7 exams. Last year in 2017, the total candidature of learners who sat for their grade 7 exams was 13 698 candidates. Overall, Bulawayo scored 85% in Mathematics, English 91.4%, Ndebele 91.7%, General Paper 81.1%, Shona 99% and Agriculture 76.9%.


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