CCC rivals sling mud over ‘stolen’ funeral funds

Some members of the Citizens Coalition for Change ( CCC) in Njube- Lobengula constituency, Bulawayo, have accused Senator Helen Zivira of embezzling funds meant for the funeral of a party member who died recently.

Zivira is being accused of stealing US$1000 contributed by party members for the funeral of Langelihle Dube who was murdered by armed robbers at his home in Lobengula suburb.

“Usually when a party member passes on, the treasurer in the particular district collects money handed to the family. This happened with Langelihle Zonda’s case. Keith Chirau is the treasurer and started collections. Instead of handing money to the family, it ended up with Tsepiso (Mpofu, Zvivira’s alias),” a party member said.

The party member claimed that senator Mpofu diverted the money and did not hand it over to the family.

Contacted for a comment, Zivira declined to comment on the matter saying she was not the treasurer.

The deputy treasurer for Bulawayo District, Kwanele Bhango came to Zivira’s defence claiming she did not take the money.  

“ My simple comment is that Tsepiso never touched ‘imali yemfa’. It’s just people who didn’t expect the good work that was done and so it was to tarnish her,” said Bhango.

In addition, CCC Bulawayo Provincial Spokesperson Swithern Chirowodza said the CCC at the constituency level long handed over the money to the bereaved family.

“The supposed information you got is untrue, nonsensical and malicious.  The CCC at the constituency level long handed over all cash collected for the funeral to the bereaved family. No money was touched or used by Senator Tsepiso Mpofu who should be lauded for leading the mobilisation of funds that were used to buy food for mourners from the day Champion Langelihle Zonda Dube died until the day he was buried,” said Chirowodza.

“An esteemed CCC member, who we will not mention for security reasons, shouldered the costs that were well above USD800. Furthermore, it must be borne in mind that the period of mourning was extended due to the postponement of burial. Senator Tsepiso and the Njube-Lobengula Constituency also helped to mobilise transport for relatives of the deceased. Four kombies and one truck were hired to ferry mourners to and from Bulawayo to Esigodini.”

Chirowodza said the false accusations are coming from an individual who wants to tarnish Zivira’s name.

“The false accusation comes from a rabble-rouser who is not responsible for finances. This rabble-rouser will not succeed in tarnishing Senator Tsepiso’s name,” he said.

He urged those with evidence of the alleged crime to report the matter to the police.

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