Byo woman appeals for financial assistance to undergo hip surgery

A Bulawayo woman is appealing for assistance to undergo hip replacement surgery after she was involved in a car crash a year ago.

Sithandile Ndlovu (52) of Nketa 7 suburb needs US$9 000 for her treatment at Mater Dei Hospital.

In an interview with CITE, Ndlovu narrated that she was involved in the accident on September 6, 2020, and she has not fully recovered despite having undergone an initial half hip replacement surgery.

She said she is still struggling to pay off debt from the first surgery and now she has to raise money for the second one.

“I was first admitted to Mpilo Central Hospital for a week. Different doctors came to me and told me they could not perform the operation that I needed. They said there was only one doctor but he was unavailable at the moment,” narrated Ndlovu.

“Another doctor then told me he could operate on me but I would have to move to United Bulawayo Hospital. I was moved there and I stayed for a while before being attended to. I was later advised that for me to be operated on I had to move to Mater Dei and the operation would cost me about US$7 500. I did not have that amount of money at the time.”

Ndlovu said her doctor then said instead of doing a full hip replacement they could do half and the cost of the surgery was fairly lower than the initial amount.

She said her neighbours, friends and relatives all contributed towards her treatment and she also sold her income-generating assets to raise the bill.

“I was then operated on and started doing physiotherapy sessions but my recovery was taking longer than expected. I then went for another X-Ray and they told me that I had a fracture so am supposed to undergo another surgery-this time a full hip surgery. The doctor quoted US$8 000 and I am still owing Mater Dei from my previous surgery and they told me I can’t be treated in their premises without settling my bill,” she explained.

“I am appealing to people out there to help me raise funds. I have sold all that I had. I was supposed to start a farming project just before my accident last year. I had bought some material inclusive of cement and fence but I sold all of it to raise money for the first surgery.

“I even sold my vehicle which I used to ferry people to sustain my family. Now I am left with nothing yet the doctors say the surgery needs to be done promptly. Since May 2021, I have been trying to raise money but I’m struggling hence my appeal.”

Ndlovu stated that she has medication that she takes on a daily basis and the expenses are overwhelming her.

She added that her back and her leg are now giving her problems too and the doctor said all these conditions are emanating from the current injury.

Those who wish to assist her can contact her directly on 0712 920 127 or her daughter Caroline on 0771 161 996. Ecocash contributions can be sent to Sithandile Ndlovu 0786 239 630. CABS bank: Mrs Sithabile Ndlovu 1001979443.

They can also access her Go Fund Me campaign on the link . Those in South Africa may deposit the money into a Capitec Bank Account using these details: Savings Account Ms Nobesuthu Dube: 1705759465 Branch code 470010.

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