Zwehamba villagers plead for improved services

Zwehamba villagers in Maphisa, have appealed to the authorities for improved service delivery in their area, particularly in the areas of road rehabilitation, borehole drilling, and construction of primary health facilities.

Despite their desire to contribute to the development of their community, the villagers lack the knowledge and resources to address these challenges independently.

Village head Nora Moyo highlighted the deplorable condition of the roads, stating, “The roads are in a terrible state. There are potholes everywhere. We want smooth roads, but we don’t know how to fix them as villagers.”

She expressed concern about the approaching rainy season, emphasising the road’s deterioration in wet weather. “This road is slippery and will no longer be usable during the rainy season.”

Water scarcity is another pressing issue for the community. According to Moyo, the village relies on a single functional borehole, while another has been rendered inoperable due to a large stone obstructing its water supply.

“We also have water challenges in this area. We have one borehole, the other one is no longer functional,” she explained.

Villager Shylet Ndlovu echoed Moyo’s concerns, advocating for additional boreholes to reduce the burden on the existing ones. She also called for the establishment of primary health facilities closer to the village to address the lack of accessible healthcare.

“Even our clinics are very far, which is a disadvantage to the pregnant women and those who are not well,” Ndlovu said. “There is also a shortage of medication in these clinics, so we wish these could be brought closer to us.”

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