Byo water shedding schedule to normalise

Bulawayo’s both eastern and western suburbs are expected to have running water starting Saturday.

Water supplies were disrupted following a power surge at Fernhill Booster Station.

The interruption resulted in a deviation from the current 144-hour-water-shedding schedule.

In a statement issued Friday, Bulawayo Town Clerk, Christopher Dube, assured residents that although the system had been restored, there was still a need for reservoir levels to build up prior to resumption of water supply.

Dube said the first areas to get water Saturday would be Nkulumane and Nketa where the precious liquid will be supplied between 5pm and 7am

“Following the power surge at Fernhill Booster Station that affected clear water and raw water delivery to Tuli Reservoir and Criterion Water Works which subsequently affected the city’s Water Supply System, the City would like to advise that the electrical fault has been fixed and the water pumps have been repaired and are running for both Fernhill and Criterion,” Dube announced.

“However, reservoir levels are still building up and have not yet stabilised. To this end, water remains closed for both Western and Eastern areas until the system is recharged. Consumers will be able to get water thereafter. We anticipate to start opening the Nkulumane and Nketa areas tomorrow using the usual restoration schedule hours of 5pm (opening) and 7am (closing).”

The country’s second largest city’s residents have of late been bearing the brunt of severe water shortages.

Owing to erratic rains the country received in the past two seasons, the local authority has been forced to decommission some of its supply dams, leaving only three, which are operating at a 24% and below capacity.

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