Police bust nine member armed robbery gang in Byo

A 38-year-old businessman from Sun-Yat-Sen, Plumtree who was in possession of a legal firearm has been arrested together with eight accomplices for armed robbery cases conducted in Bulawayo.

The businessman, Limukani Khuphe, applied for the fire-arm purporting that he wanted to use it to protect his business.

Speaking at a press conference held Wednesday at Central Police Station where the robbers were paraded, Bulawayo Provincial Police Spokesperson, Inspector Abednico Ncube, said the businessman took advantage of the licensed firearm to conduct the robberies with his accomplices.

The other eights suspects working with the businessman are Brendom  Moyo (25) of Lobengula West, Benefit Vhudzi (37)  of Mbundane, Witness Macebo (27) of Lobengula West, Isheunesu Nhliziyo known as Scanda (36) of Cowdray Park, Nyapo Ndlovu (26) of Cowdray Park, Lumukani Dube (32) of Cowdray Park and Lungisani Mpofu (24) of Cowdray Park.

“Limukani Khuphe (38) is the owner of this revolver. He is a business man in Sun Yat-Sen where he comes from. He stays in plot number 184 Zimnyama, Plumtree and he also resides in Rangemore in Bulawayo. This nine-member gang has been terrorising Bulawayo, as they are involved in armed robbery cases,” said Insp. Ncube.

According to Insp.Ncube, the suspects targeted a five-roomed house in Rangemore in April where they attacked seven occupants, leaving one injured with a gush after being struck by a machete.

“They got away with R1 000 and US$60,” he said.

Insp. Ncube added the suspects also used pellet guns, which members of the public assumed to be a firearm.

“On May 7, 2023 they proceeded to Luveve where they believed there was an illegal money changer. All nine suspects attacked the premises which had five occupants. They robbed the occupants of a television and some cellphones,” said the provincial police spokesperson.

The provincial police spokesperson said investigations by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) led to the arrest of the accused.

“Investigations were then instituted and our members of the CID Homicide, using all community policing initiatives and through their informers, managed to get information which led to the arrest of all the nine. After their arrest, the nine accounted for two-armed robbery cases,” Insp. Ncube said, adding police hoped to clear more cases.

Insp. Ncube also thanked the members of the public for “being aware and actively participating in the fight against crime together with the police.”

“These are the fruits of active community policing initiative in Bulawayo and dedication to duty by our members of CID Homicide Bulawayo,” he said.

The provincial police spokesperson also urged residents to screen their tenants as it turned out some of the accused were lodging together in one house.

“We want to assure our members of the public that they are safe, but we also want to raise our concern that two of these suspects are residing in the same house in Lobengula West. They are friends and were participating together in crime,” Insp. Ncube said.

“We are calling on house owners to vet their tenants and also calling on members of the public to monitor the lives and activities of their community members and report so that we can carry surveillance and monitor general members to prevent such crimes from occurring.”

Meanwhile, Insp. Ncube said police had also arrested five other suspects who were involved in robbery cases in 2021 and are yet to appear in court.

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