Byo residents concerned over theft of Zesa copper cables

Bulawayo residents have expressed concern over the theft of Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) copper cables, plunging residential areas into darkness.

In some instances, residents have been left with no option but to mobilise funds to replace the stolen cables with the power utility reportedly failing to cope with the increase in the vandalism of its infrastructure.

CITE reached out to residents in the high-density suburbs of the city who shared their experiences.

Florence Gorimani of New Lobengula said the problem of copper cables theft had been widespread in the area, adding it has been a struggle to replace them considering some house owners are the elderly who no longer have the financial muscle to be making contributions towards that.

Makhosi Ndebele of Ward 14 said ZESA always takes too long to replace the stolen cables in the process, inconveniencing residents.

Dumisani Ngwenya of Old Magwegwe said they have experienced copper cable theft two times in their area adding they have even engaged the legislator over the issue.

0Speaking in Parliament Tuesday, Bulawayo Central legislator, Nicola Watson said the rampant theft of ZESA copper cables was an issue of national importance affecting Zimbabweans.

“I request the Minister of Energy and Power Development and Home Affairs to bring statements to the House to inform the nation what they are doing about it because it has got to the point where citizens are buying the stolen cables,” she said.

“People are starting to point fingers at the security sector to say why they are not doing something at national level to stop this.”

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