Byo on lockdown

...police, protesters in running battles

Police in Bulawayo on Monday used fired tear gas canisters, in a bid to quell protests that broke out in most parts of the city as residents reacted angrily at government`s decision to hike fuel prices.

On Saturday President Emmerson Mnangagwa, announced new fuel prices with diesel now selling for $3.11 per litre from $1.47 per litre and petrol increased to $3.31 from $1.10 per litre.

The commodity has been scarce in the market for the past three months forcing motorists to spend days in queues.

In response to the fuel price hikes, protesters barricaded most of the major roads leading to the city centre, to block people from reporting for work.

Police details were quickly dispersed to try and contain the situation, which in some suburbs turned chaotic as some protesters burnt rubble and looted some shops.

In the city centre, placard waving protesters marched, calling on President Mnangagwa to step down from power.

“The young people have come out in full force to show the government is not wanted,” said MDC Bulawayo provincial youth leader and ward 1 Councillor Mlandu Ncube.

“We will continue with these protests until President Mnangagwa steps down from power”.

The group of protesters also picketed outside the Bulawayo High Court where the proceedings of the opening of 2019 legal year were ongoing.

The protests however, went out of hand with various shops in Nkulumane, Entumbane and Pumula East looted while a police vehicle was vandalised.

Police had to fire tear gas canisters and deployed water canons to quell the protests.



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