Chamisa endorses Coltart for Bulawayo mayorship

Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has endorsed aspiring councillor for Bulawayo’s Ward 4, David Coltart, to be the next mayor of the city if the party wins the upcoming election.

Chamisa made the announcement at a rally held at White City Stadium in Bulawayo on Sunday.

He said the party wants to have accountable and credible councillors, and that Coltart possesses the qualities they require.

“We have realised that there are problems in Bulawayo’s local authority,” Chamisa said. “There are some councillors who went with MDC, and they were being very funny and very dangerous. So, we have said we are starting on a clean slate. We don’t want funny tricks in local government.”

Coltart who is a lawyer with 40 years of experience said he will use his expertise to review all the contracts in the city and ensure that they are in the interests of the people of Bulawayo.

“If we find that they are not, that they are benefiting a small number of people, then we will do everything we can to cancel them,” Coltart said.

Coltart welcomed the endorsement from Chamisa and said he is committed to serving the people of Bulawayo. He said he will work hard to ensure that the city’s resources are used to benefit everyone.

“We will also work hard to ensure that the income that is generated in this city is kept in this city,” Coltart said. “At present, our water fees go to Harare, so does the money that is remitted from our vehicles. This means that we can’t fix our roads and deliver other services. We plan to keep our wealth here and use it accordingly.”

The public endorsement will likely dampen interest from other party candidates who were eyeing the position.

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