Byo Councillors urged to prioritise residents interests

Former Bulawayo Councillors have raised concerns at how the current Councillors are running council affairs urging the city fathers to put the interests of residents first.

This came out during a special council meeting held Thursday in honour of the late Alderman Israel Mabaleka who was a councillor for Ward 15.

Alderman Mabaleka succumbed to diabetes on February 8, 2020. He was laid to rest at Lady Stanley Cemetery on Thursday.

Speaking during the meeting which was attended by the deceased relatives, Senators, Councillors, Acting Mayor Councillor Mlandu Ncube said the death of Mabaleka came at a time when the local authority has been losing a number of aldermen.

“It is unfortunate that his death comes when we have lost a number of aldermen in the City, the City has been left very bereft of the leadership and the words of wisdom that has been provided. Bulawayo has lost a sterling leader and he will be sorely missed. May his soul rest in peace,” said Cllr Ncube.

“During his term of office he served council tirelessly as the duty Chairperson in the Environment Management and Engineering Services Committee from 2007-2013 and in various Council Committees which included the Town Lands and Planning Committee 2008-2013, Finance and Development Committee   2008-2011, Health, housing and Education Committee in 2012 and the Municipal Procurement board in 2003-2005. He served as a council representative in the Bulawayo twinning committee in 2008-2009”.

 “He was elevated to the dignity of the alderman on the 14th of May 2018,” said Councillor Mlandu.

Giving their lived experiences, Alderman Nduna Dladla said councillors should take action regarding the situation in the Central Business Centre (CBD) as street vendors are flooding the streets of Bulawayo.

“Bulawayo was never like this, today when you are in the CBD it is like you are in Makokoba. Our streets are flooded with flies, street vendors are all over the streets even without licences. “Councillors stand up and do something, we know that it is like this because of the choices we made,” said Alderman Dladla.

In addition, Former Mayor, Alderman David Ndlovu said most people now represent the interests of their political parties.

“My worry now aldermen, councillors and those from Bulawayo is that when I look around Bulawayo there are very few people who have the roots of Bulawayo. I know that most people here are political leaders of different parties and the way we operate is such in a way that you protect your positions,” said Alderman Ndlovu.

“We know that most people do not represent the interest of Bulawayo, we represent the interest of those who sent us and once you present the interest of somebody who sent you, his or her words become your command.”

 Alderman O. Ndlovu encouraged city councillors not to work for positions and personal gains.

“During our times in office, during Mugabe era, we defied all odds and said we are doing things for the benefit of Bulawayo people,  residents could not die of hunger or have shortage of water, the City was always beautiful,  we defied all odds on what the government was telling us,” said Ndlovu.

“My children try by all means and keep the City for us, do not work for positions or benefits,” he said.

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