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Why BVR has attracted more youths than women?

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s Biometric Voters Registration initiative introduced this year has attracted more voters, especially the youth whose votes will carry either a positive or a negative aspect and bring change.

A single step taken by Zimbabweans to register and vote clears the path for the youth to live in a Utopia that they created with the leader they chose themselves whom they feel is competent enough to lead.

The youth have the opportunity to create a new Zimbabwe that their parents could only dream of through voting and it is of paramount importance for anyone 18 and above to take a stand and change their respective futures.

Roughly, the country’s female population is at 52 percent and most are eligible, outnumbering men but still some choose not to vote, making it important to raise awareness about registering and the women of Zimbabwe decide the best candidate for president.

The Daily News surveyed that Zimbabwean women, particularly educated and professionals are reluctant to vote and are cautious of engaging in politics, as they fear for their children and careers.

Encouraging women to vote is also essential in destroying the stigma and discrimination associated with women in politics.

A survey done by the Research and Advocacy Unit (Rau) states how many women feel their votes do not count because “it has always been Zanu PF and it will always be,” and this will not change until there is fairness in the electoral system.

Other women and men treat women that have input in current affairs and politics unfairly making it important to extinguish the stigma flames. More women who venture into politics will see a rise in female politicians.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) embarked on basic voter education, teaching people about voter registration and the importance of voting.

The Electoral Commission has made it easy for women in these situations to approach them and get VR forms and these will allow them to register and vote without acquiring any proof of residence. This will allow more women a chance to vote and change the outcome of the country.

The Women’s Institute of Leadership and Development (WILD) is also taking a stance in empowering more women to vote. They counted the number of female registered voters in Bulawayo and so far, more than thirty-two thousand women have registered to vote. This shows how more women are taking the given opportunity with open arms and striving for greater heights.

Rights activists are calling for the Zimbabwe’s government to withdraw proof of residence requirements for anyone who wants to register to vote and the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) says, “ZESN has called upon the commission to reconsider its position in reintroducing the need for potential registrants to proof of residence in order to avoid challenges experienced during the previous elections especially amongst youth and urban voters”.

Women have an important task of voting and bringing change, ushering in a new system that will be beneficial to both them and men and therefore the future of the country depends on their step in voting.


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