Goblins resurface in Cowdray Park

Suspected goblins have once again unleashed a reign of terror in Cowdray Park after eleven houses in the suburb were destroyed in mysterious circumstances.

The residents told CITE in separate interviews that the attacks started about a month ago and intensified on Sunday after the suspected goblin gained entry into one of the houses.

The area is not new to such strange incidents, in 2018, another goblin nicknamed Maqobola attacked residents.

The residents had to hire the services of one Prophet Siziba to kill the goblin.

According to the residents the attacks take place between 7 am and 6 pm with the goblin smashing window panes and destroying household property.

Dorica Ncube, whose house was the most affected, said she left her house around 2 pm on Sunday with everything in place but when she came back her property had been turned upside down.

“When I got back all my sofas were upside down. In the kitchen my cupboards and the fridge were open. There were ‘cross’ inscriptions on the walls both on the inside and on the outside. All the windows were opened too but I had left them closed,” she narrated.

“Neighbors started trickling in to see the havoc that had been wrecked. Each time I walked them out, we would hear funny sounds from outside and when we go inside we would find inscriptions of the cross on the walls.”

Inscriptions of the cross on the walls

Another resident, Menzisi Tshili, whose windows and asbestos was damaged, said on Sunday they contacted a prophet whom they declined to name and he made a prayer for them.

Tshili added that they are still trying to get hold of the famous prophet Siziba to capture the goblin for them.

“The prophet who came to pray on Sunday mentioned in passing that people should not keep goblins if they are not prepared to feed them adequately. He also alleged that the owner of this particular has released it to fend for itself,” said Tshili.

“We are appealing to members of the public to kindly assist us with contact details for prophet Siziba or any other reputable person who can capture this thing for us. There is one whom we approached and he charged us R4 000. We are willing to try him out as long as this situation will come to an end.”

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