CIO agent in court for kidnapping

A member of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) from the office of the President is facing charges of assault, kidnapping and robbery after allegedly abducting two illegal money changers from a Bulawayo bar and driving with them to Harare.

A court heard the operative Kudzanai Chiganze (35), of Budiriro, Harare was in the company of one Joakim Jongwe and three other assailants who have not yet been apprehended.

The five men gang allegedly robbed the money changers of a Honda Fit, RTGS$3 980 and US$5500.

According to the State, Chiganze and his assailants approached Tonderai Gwarada (31) and Tawanda Chigudu (21) from Bulawayo Athletic Club where they were drinking, purporting he wanted to convert his USD to local currency.

Chiganze, who was freed on a $500 bail, appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Franklin Mkhwananzi.

He was remanded to July 22.

The state case, as presented by Nkathazo Dlodlo, indicated once they got to Harare, Chiganze took the Sphathelenis to a Budiriro bar where he introduced them as thieves from Bulawayo before ordering patrons to assault them.

Dlodlo told the court Chiganze later on forced Gwarada to sign an affidavit citing he had sold him his Honda Fit vehicle.

 Dlodlo said Chiganze went outside with the two Sphathelenis, where he demanded to be taken to Gwarada’s house.

“Chigudu refused to budge to Chiganze’s demands. Chiganze and other members of his gang dragged Chigud and forced him into their car. They ordered him to give directions to Gwarada’s house,” said Dlodlo.

He said when they got to Gwarada’s house they assaulted Chigudu demanding to be shown where the rest of the money was kept.

“Jongwe demanded the vehicle registration book of a Honda Fit belonging to Gwaranda which the wife gave him,” said the prosecutor.

The court heard Gwaranda was dragged into a black Mercedes Benz which was being driven by the assailants while Chigudu was shoved into the trunk of Gwarada’s Honda Fit.

“The two cars left for Harare. Chiganze took Chigudu out of the trunk along the way and sati him on the passenger seat. One of the gang members searched him and took US$200,” Dlodlo said.

He said when they got to Kwekwe, they forced the Sphathelenis to refuel both cars and Chigudu used RTGS$1 800 Ecocash to make the transaction.

In Kwekwe, the gang ordered the two forex dealers to refuel the cars, the court heard.

Dlodlo said when they got to Harare, Chiganze force marched the pair into a bar in Budidriro where he ordered patrons from the bar to assault the them.

“Chiganze ordered one Kelvin to complete an affidavit purporting that Gwarada had sold him his Honda Fit before forcing Gwaranda to sign it,” said Dlodlo.

Dlodlo said Chigudu suffered severe injuries from the brutal assaults and the pair sought police assistance after being let go by the gang.

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