Bulilima born artist gives back to former school

A Zimbabwean born German-based artist Pamela Bhulu popularly known as Nomina has given back to Tjankwa Primary school, in Bulilima district, where she did her primary education.

Nomina assisted the school to construct toilets, and roofing for one of the classrooms and also has a feeding program for learners.

She also donated a computer and US$500 in cash.

Speaking to CITE on the sidelines of the handover ceremony on Wednesday, Nomina said she started the project last year. 

“I started this program last year with World Peace Berlin because I am also their ambassador incorporation with United Nations. I initiated this program first because there was a drought here in Zimbabwe and there was Covid-19 which affected a lot of people and people were kind of starving also, so I had to look into that thus why I said let’s start with food first so that children can get something at school if they are lacking at home,” she said.

Nomina has also set up a foundation which she will use to raise funds for her philantrophic work.  

“I used this opportunity to open my foundation which is called All Rise Association by Nomina, so thus how I gathered all this. I use my networks and asking people to donate anything that they have, we managed to gather more donations than last time,” she said.

She also encouraged the learners to keep chasing their dreams despite the circumstances that they find themselves in.

“Sometimes the situation at home is difficult and the parents are not able to make ends meet but when you want something in life, hold on to it, even if its tough, keep on pushing, you fail, you stand up and move,” she said.

The school’s headmaster Edwin Ncube welcomed the donation saying it will improve the learning environment.

“We are proud of you because you have done us great, we are proud to be associated with you and what makes us happy is that we are associated with a young person meaning we have a life with you as a school, you are going to take us far as a school,” he said.

Headman Sibusiso Sikhathini also appreciated the donation.

“We appreciate that she didn’t forget us when she went overseas, she thought of Tjankwa and brought development to the area,” said Sikhathini.

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