Lack of funds stalls Tjehanga clinic construction completion

Tjehanga villagers in Bulilima West are appealing for financial assistance or building material to complete the construction of a community clinic.

The clinic is now at the roofing level and once complete it will offer primary health care to the villagers who are currently walking long distances to the nearest clinic.

Speaking to CITE, the coordinator of the clinic project, Philisane Ngwenya said villagers walk between 15 to 30km going to the nearest clinics.

“We have taken an initiative as a community to build a clinic because villagers walk long distances to the clinic, some of them go-to Ndiweni clinic which is almost 15-30 km away. Some of them go to Dombodema, some go to Tokwane which is a new thing anyway, so basically thus why we have taken this initiative,” said Ngwenya.

He said some villagers go as far as Plumtree Town to access primary health care.

Ngwenya said villagers have managed to work together to construct the clinic, however, they have run out of funds due to challenges brought by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We have challenges such resources, as a community we have managed to build our clinic up to the roofing level but now we are having a shortage of cement to finish the construction.”

He added, “We are looking for donors or well-wishers who can assist us to finish our clinic so that people can get treated at a closer clinic. What we need the most is cement, roofing material be it asbestos, nails, timber, air vents.”

Those who wish to assist can get in contact with Ngwenya on +27 76 441 7723 or Emmanuel Thenga on 0774 785 809.

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