Businesses, residents urged to partner police in fighting crime

By Promise Dube

Bulawayo police are urging residents and businesses to actively participate in community policing initiatives as a key strategy to combat crime.

To support this effort, they have established various programs, including the Business Against Crime Forum, the Community Liaison Committee, and the Neighbourhood Watch Committees.

This call to action comes after the Whitestone and Mqabuko Heights community recently purchased their own neighbourhood watch patrol vehicle, demonstrating their commitment to proactive crime prevention.

Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Abednico Ncube, emphasised the importance of widespread participation from both businesses and residents. “We encourage everyone to get involved in one of our community policing initiatives,” he stated. “For businesses, the Business Against Crime Forum provides a platform to collaborate with the police in tackling crime.”

Inspector Ncube highlighted that among the 17 police stations in Bulawayo, only Hillside currently boasts communities with the resources and dedication to purchase patrol vehicles, like the Whitestone and Mqabuko Heights initiative.

He further encouraged other communities to consider joining the Neighbourhood Watch Committee, even if participation doesn’t involve direct patrolling. “Open communication is crucial,” he emphasised, “as it allows all community members to contribute to the fight against crime.”

The police also focus on educating young people through the Junior Call Clubs. Officers teach children self-defence skills, literacy, and important life skills to help them avoid becoming easy targets.

Inspector Ncube noted the importance of community unity, citing the Entumbane neighbourhood watch committee as a prime example. “Their unwavering collaboration with the police and strong community leadership under Mr Mlilo serves as an inspiration for other communities,” he concluded.

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