Whatsapping SA Immigration official in trouble

The South African Home Affairs department has initiated an investigation against an Immigration Official stationed at the Beitbridge Border post who was filmed by an identified Zimbabwean traveller preoccupied with her mobile phone during working hours.

The video which went viral on social media, shows a female South African immigration officer perusing through a Zimbabwean passport while she constantly checks on her phone.

It is against the department`s policy to use cellular phones for immigration officials while on duty.

Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba vowed that the department would take swift action against the immigration official.

“The official has been identified and she will be subjected to internal disciplinary processes,” the department said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Further to this, disciplinary measures have commenced against the three supervisors on the shift for lack of adequate supervision”.

Director Gerneral Mkuseni Apleni also expressed his displeasure at the official`s conduct.

“Of major concern to me is the fact that the office is dealing with security documents without paying attention to detail and rather preoccupied with her cellular phone.

“To this end, we have commenced with disciplinary measures against the official and the three supervisors,” he said.

The Beitbridge Border post is one of the busiest ports of entry in Africa.

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