Bulu High produces best A’ Level results

Bulu Government High in Mangwe, Matabeleland South, has recorded a 100 percent pass rate in the just-released 2021 Advanced Level results becoming the top-performing school in the district, a teacher at the school, who declined to be named told CITE.

Teachers are not allowed by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to speak to the press.

The low-cost boarding school is situated at Ingwizi growth point, 85km out of the border town of Plumtree, along Mphoengs Road.

 “Bulu became the top-ranked school in Mangwe District in 2021 A level results,” said the teacher.

“It (Bulu High) achieved 100%, a feat no other school achieved in November 2021 results. The school had a glossary of learners who did quite well and had a few academic paragons whose names are worth mentioning and engraving in history archives.”

The teacher explained further: “For the first time in the history of Bulu High and Mangwe District, there were learners who notched more than 20 points. Destiny Mlilo, an 18-year-old boy scored 23 points out of a possible 25 in pure sciences. In 2019 the boy had set a new benchmark at Bulu High by scoring 11As in all the subjects he studied at O’ Level. Thus his 2021 rosy performance was an extension of what he had achieved in 2019. Of spectacular interest is that he scored As in Biology, Geography and pure Maths and Bs in chemistry and Physics.”

He said the performance was unparalleled.

“By any yardstick, this is a rosy way of proving academic smartness. This boy is a well-rounded individual who also excelled in sports (athletics), debate and public speaking,” said the teacher.

“We have yet another boy who set another jaw-dropping record. Lusani Ndlovu was the first student in Mangwe to study six A’ Level pure science subjects. Out of the 6 subjects he studied he scored 25 points, broken down as As in Geography and pure Maths, Bs in Statistics, Physics, Chemistry and a C in Biology. Lusani Ndlovu scored 9 As and 2 Bs at O’ Level back in 2019.

The teacher said another learner, who also excelled and put Bulu High on the map.

“The other academic paragon specialised in commercials,” said the teacher.

“The boy goes by the name Watson Dube. This one scored 15 points in commercials: Business Studies, Geography and Economics. What l can say is that the boy really knew his stuff and as such he is poised for greater heights.”

Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education spokesperson, Taungana Ndoro said they were elated by Bulu High results.

“We are very pleased with the kind of results emanating from places like Mangwe as the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education we are aiming to make sure that we do not have a school whatsoever with a zero percent pass rate,” said Ndoro.

He said the good performance by Bulu is a result of systems put in place by the ministry.

Ndoro said they were working together with provincial and district education officers and school heads to ensure schools at least attain a form of pass.

“It is because of the systems that we have put in place,” he said.

“We have put in place robust systems and clearly cut strategies as we are dealing with Covid issues and those who are even refusing to go to school. It is impressive that we have a 100 percent pass rate at the said school.”

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