Avail fuel in local currency, NetOne appeals to Govt

By Tinashe Mungazi 

NetOne has appealed to the government to avail fuel in local currency to enable network providers to service marginalised areas such as Binga where there are electricity supply challenges.

Fuel is required to run generators powering mobile network base stations and boosters when there is power failure.

Acting NetOne chief executive officer, Raphael Mushanawi made the appeal during the commissioning of Nachulwe Base Station in Siansundu, Binga today by Vice President, Constantino Chiwenga.

“Fuel is one of our biggest costs in running the network. We therefore kindly seeking assistance for more fuel to be availed to network operators in the local currency. Availability of a constant supply of electricity to such marginalised areas will greatly enhance our ability to keep our sites running and the community connected at all times,” said Mushanawi.

He said the network base will serve community amenities such as shopping centres, schools and clinics arguing that communities would be empowered through access to communication solutions. 

“This site will serve critical community amenities such as Siansundu, Siachilaba and Saba shopping centres, Siansundu clinic as well as Bunsiwa, Siachilaba and Siansundu schools. These amenities will receive Netone network signal, access the internet and our Mobile Financial Services, OneMoney benefiting from the infrastructure developed and deployed here at Nachulwe.”

While Binga district carries sentimental historical value for the country being rich in cultural heritage, wildlife and tourism attractions, access to mobile network has been a major hindrance to its development. 

Some areas such as Chuunga and Simatelele among others have no network coverage a situation that has adversely affected communities when it comes to access to information. 

Nachulwe base station is provisioned to provide 2G and 3G services hence providing data access through a re-farmed 900Mhz frequency spectrum thereby availing communication solutions to once marginalised communities in Binga. 

Mushanawi also appealed to government to avail more foreign currency to enable the company to acquire technologies and services that are not locally available. 

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