Satanism scare at Cowdray Park school

Several parents of learners at Tategulu Primary School in Cowdray Park have approached the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education accusing some authorities at the school of initiating their children into satanism.

The parents, whose names have been withheld to protect the identity of their minor children allege that a spell has been cast on their children who are seeing strange creatures no one else can see.

In an interview with CITE, the parents said last week Thursday, they received calls from the school informing them that their children were acting strangely and causing havoc in class.

They said the behaviour being exhibited by their children is quite bizarre and is allegedly linked to an incident that occurred in 2017.

The three children are in the same class and have been friends since they started school.

“In 2017, there was a day when they went missing. After school, they wandered off to Windermere. They were spotted by some lady and she called them and asked them what they were doing there. Luckily one of the girls knew her home address and the lady took them there,” said one of the parents.  

“We took it lightly as parents and told ourselves our children were just being naughty. We disciplined them for their actions and we moved past it.”

Another parent said “After the Windermere incident, my daughter on several occasions would tell me that she saw a crocodile at Windermere. I would always dismiss her saying they were mistaking a lizard for a crocodile.”

The third parent said since the Windemere incident, they never had any problem with their children until sometime in July this year.

“My daughter started having nightmares. She would wake up in the middle of the night and tell me that there are shadows calling her outside the window. At first, I used to dismiss it as just bad dreams. But then it persisted, sometimes she’d say she saw the shadow at school,” the parent said.

“I sought prayers for my daughter and for some time it would go away. But then on Thursday, I received reports from the school that she and her friends had been manifesting in class. I accompanied her to school on Friday morning.”

The parent said as they approached the school gate, the girl kept saying she was seeing an old woman with two children calling her. 

“I tried to calm her down telling her that there was nothing. But as we entered through the gate, she just started acting strangely like she was avoiding someone. She was visibly shaken and she kept looking over her shoulder saying the woman was following us.

“I told her to go to class and pray as soon as she gets there. I proceeded to the headmaster’s office to talk about this but was only told to pray for my child because there was no other explanation they could offer. I went back home but barely 10 minutes after I got a call from the school saying the girls had started manifesting again, tearing down charts, drawing symbols on the board and floor, rolling themselves on the floor and making scary sounds.”

The parent says he quickly rushed back to the school and found his daughter and her friend in the office. The other had been collected by her mother. 

“When I got there they were no longer manifesting but they were covered in dirt, evident that they had been rolling themselves on the ground.”

The parents allowed this reporter to interview the children in their presence. The children, who had some “tattoos” on their arms, gave accounts of their experiences.

The first child explained that some years ago she received a book with instructions on how to get to their destination with her friends.

“I received a book and read something from it. I then passed it to my friend (child 2) but we don’t know what became of it. On Fridays we are summoned by Queen one, who is in charge, I’m her second in command,” she said.

“Queen one calls out my code name and I then summon my friends and some teachers from our school. We have meetings underwater on several occasions.”

The second child confirmed the book incident and she said on several occasions she sees her friend and her grandmother with their other friend in her dreams and sometimes at school.

“The grandmother keeps calling me telling me that I belong to her and that she wants to take me to the land of the dead. I told my aunt about this and she advised me to tell her (the grandmother) that I don’t belong to her and she should leave me alone.

“On Friday I had a dream. They had come to take me to the spiritual realm above the clouds. They said they wanted to show me the way but I didn’t understand what they meant.

“I told the grandmother that I didn’t want to go with them but she just laughed out loud. She tried to force me to drink some salt solution but I refused and she started to choke me. I was woken by my father in my room and he told me that I had been gasping for air in my sleep.”

The third girl narrated that she would see shadowy figures outside her window at night and sometimes she would see them at school.

“Sometimes I’m woken by a soft knock on my bedroom window. There’ll be a shadow there calling my name telling me it wants to take me to the land of the dead. I always tell them I don’t want to go but they keep coming. 

“I told my father about this and he would say prayers for me. At some point, my friend told me that there is something that was sent from their home to come to our house and  it is always hovering there.”

The distressed parents said they have tried to engage school authorities to deal with the matter but to no avail. 

“The head only told us to pray for our children. We have tried to seek spiritual intervention but we get calls from the school telling us that they are manifesting again. They are now being discriminated against by other learners and it’s affecting them.”

The other parent noted that her child has not been going to school as much since the beginning of the term.

“On most occasions I let my child stay at home. Her behaviour is becoming strange, sometimes she just lashes out, and sometimes she gets moody, laughs or cries uncontrollably. It’s now scary for me to allow her to go to school because I fear the worst.”

The parents also approached the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and a team was sent to their homes to conduct investigations are still awaiting the outcome.

Bulawayo Provincial Education Director Bernard Mazambani confirmed the incident.

“We received a report to that effect from Tategulu Primary School. A team was deployed to carry out investigations on the matter and it is still working on the report. You can get in touch with the director of communications and advocacy for finer details on the matter because that is the office that handles such,” Mazambani said. 

The Director of Communications and Advocacy in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Taungana Ndoro said the matter was still under investigation.

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