Aspiring Ward 20 councillor lays out plan

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) aspiring council candidate for Ward 20, Reverend Simbarashe Dube has promised residents to convene bimonthly feedback meetings to keep them abreast with developments in the local authority.  

Dube will battle for the council seat against ZANU-PF candidate Sandra Ndebele Sibindi.

In an interview with CITE, Reverend Dube said he seeks to address service delivery issues faced by the ward.

“We need to have a communication centre where we can come together as a community and put our community issues, it has to have WIFI so that during the weekends children can go and research, do assignments,” said Dube.

Reverend Dube also said he will work on forming neighbourhood watch committees in an effort to curb crime.

“There are many thieves in the city, the community needs lighting and security. I will form neighbourhood watch committees so that the community can be protected against crime. Residents get mugged around 7 pm and in the early hours while going to work due to the fact that we lack adequate lighting,” he said.

He added that he will work on solar-powered lighting systems so that the ward can have uninterrupted power.

 Reverend Dube said he will ensure that the youths in the ward have income-generating projects so that they are not hooked on drugs.

“We do have our youths who are not employed. They need to have social activities which they do within the ward, so we need to rebuild stadiums, have tennis courts, rugby grounds so that they have something to do within their spare time,” he said.

He added, “There are public toilets in the ward which have been neglected, no one is renovating them, we need to renovate that place for it to be beautiful again. If you vote for me, I will stand with you, every two months we need to have a feedback meeting to know what I am doing in the local authority.”

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