ZOL introduces WiBroniks

Zol has introduced a new service that they are calling WiBroniks. The service will rely on LTE and will be available to subscribers  at a later date.

WiBroniks is a wireless service that will rely on LTE technology. The router in your house will now connect to a base station and so far there are 105 base stations and more on the way. If you were following the news last year you probably came across the tagline FTTH (Fibre To The Home) a couple of times. Going forward you’ll hear more of WTTH which stands for Wireless To The Home. This new service will rely on LTE base stations -105 base stations for now- around the country.

The WiBroniks packages will look like this:

  • WiBroniks 5: For $10 you get 5GB and the speed for this and all other packages will be 10Mbps
  • WiBroniks 10: $19 will get subscribers 10GB at 10Mbps
  • WiBroniks 25: $33 will get you 25GB and the same 10Mbps
  • WiBroniks 50: $60 gets users 50GB and once again 10Mbps
  • Wibroniks Unlimited: $119 will get you uncapped data at 15Mbps

The fan-favourite Night Owl, is back with a bang. For WiBroniks Night Owl will cost $15 and offer 25GB for all the packages on offer.

Looking at these new packages and the speeds being promised you really begin to wonder how TelOne will respond to this because this seems to directly compete with their ADSL service whilst offering faster speeds. They will probably be forced to respond to this and this is great for us the consumers.

The timing of this announcement will also be unfortunate for TelOne who are still licking their wounds after cables worth $10 000 were stolen recently in Harare, disrupting services in many areas there.

Last year ZOL had the ad of a cheetah in a Ferrari and this year the cheetah is staying around but it will be upgrading its transportation system. The cheetah will now be in a jet and this is to emphasise the new speeds they are bringing to Fibroniks. The Lite and Basic packages are getting a  speed bump from 5Mbps to 10Mbps respectively. The Family Essentials will be jumping from 10 to 15 Mbps, so Fibroniks users will definitely be welcoming these developments with open arms.

The new services are very interesting and it seems ZOL will continue growing their service and product and offering these refinements.

Source – TechZim

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