ZimRights implores govt to investigate Moreblessing Ali’s murder

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) has implored the government to investigate the murder of a political activist Moreblessing Ali, whose mutilated remains were found last Saturday in Nyatsime.

Ali was a member of the Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) and she went missing on May 24, 2022, while her remains were found in a shallow well in Nyatsime on June 11, 2022.

Her body was reportedly found in two parts, the bottom from the waist was on its own and the top part, the same while her intestines were packed in a plastic bag.

According to Zimrights, it is suspected that Ali was murdered and on that basis urged authorities to follow up on the case and bring the culprits justice.

“ZimRights condemns this gruesome act and calls upon the government of Zimbabwe to institute a thorough investigation into the disappearance and death of Moreblessing Ali. Perpetrators of this act must be brought to justice,” said the organisation in a statement.

This sentiment comes as activists have noted how Zimbabwe has a ‘troubled’ history of missing people and forced disappearances, indicating there is a need for such cases to be investigated thoroughly.

ZimRights, which is a pro-human rights organisation, said the deceased’s family and friends deserve to know the truth as to what happened to her and why.

“They, together with the whole nation, deserve to see the perpetrators of this barbaric act brought to justice.  Zimbabwe, as a member of the family of nations, must not continue on a path in which citizens are disappeared and murdered with impunity,” ZimRights noted.

“Every Zimbabwean citizen has the right to life, personal security, human dignity, liberty and the right to participate in the political affairs of their country. They have the right to associate and dissociate with whomever they wish. They must not be killed for doing so.”

ZimRights called upon the police to immediately investigate the murder and provide answers.

“Law enforcement agents in Zimbabwe have to provide answers as to the disappearance and death of Moreblessing as soon as possible,” said the organisation.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ali family as they are confronted with this tragedy. May her soul rest in peace. May justice visit those responsible for her death swiftly.”

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