Zimnyama villagers push for eviction of ‘illegal settlers’

Zimnyama villagers have signed a petition calling for the eviction of illegal settlers in their communal land.

The villagers accuse the local traditional leadership of allegedly selling communal land to people from other areas.

Thirty stands and thirty fields were reportedly sold for between R500 and R1 500.

The petition was delivered to the Provincial Development Coordinator, the Provincial Assembly of Chiefs, the police among other relevant stakeholders.

Speaking to CITE, one of the villagers, Alick Masisa said the villagers want the people who were settled by the traditional leadership evicted.

“We have delivered the petition in the relevant offices because we want those people evicted from our area as we were not consulted about their settlement,” said Masisa.

He said 35 villagers signed the petition.

“From what we know, we don’t know how these people were settled, they were given permission by one village headman without calling the men of the area, of which he is late now,” said Masisa.

Meanwhile, ward 2 Councillor Benjamin Ndlovu also confirmed that the villagers signed the petition and they want the illegal settled people evicted from their area.

According to villagers, the land that was parcelled out was reserved for a dam project, however, some settlers started moving in last year claiming they bought the stands.

Headman Magcobabafuthi Mdlongwa last week said all protocols were followed in allocating the stands.

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