Zimbabweans urged to bring their votes home to ZAPU

ZAPU President Sibangilizwe Nkomo has made a passionate appeal to Zimbabweans to unite and bring their votes back to ZAPU, emphasising the party’s unwavering commitment to ethical leadership and positive change.

In a statement, Nkomo acknowledged the challenges Zimbabwe has faced and underscored the urgency for a unified approach to address these challenges effectively.

He highlighted ZAPU’s founding principles of family, unity, and dedication, emphasizing the party’s unwavering commitment to the well-being of Zimbabweans.

Nkomo expressed strong criticism of the current political landscape, stating that “cruel tyrannical political entities” have exploited tribal divisions and caused immense suffering.

He contrasted this with ZAPU’s unwavering commitment to ethics and morals, a commitment forged through the sacrifices of ZPRA forces in the liberation struggle.

“While imperfect, our movement has never ever breached the codes of ethics and morals that every Zimbabwean earned by virtue of the blood spilt by our Zipra forces in the liberation struggle,” Nkomo asserted.

Addressing the electorate, Nkomo urged Zimbabweans to reconsider their voting patterns, emphasising that lending their votes to other parties has repeatedly failed to bring about meaningful change.

“For decades now, our electorate has gambled their votes on numerous intolerable and clearly incompetent political parties with the hope that by casting their ballots for them, it would dislodge ZANU PF. This experiment has failed miserably. It has failed time and again,” he stated.

Nkomo passionately declared, “It is time to bring our vote back home to ZAPU. Let us put our Councillors into local government. Let us put our MPs into the National Assembly. Let us put our people into the Senate. Our competence and strict adherence to the constitution will eventually demonstrate to Zimbabwe that ZAPU is the only credible movement that can, and will, bring about positive change to our deserving country.”

He fervently called on Zimbabweans to embark on a “great return home to ZAPU,” firmly believing that unity and ZAPU leadership are the cornerstones of a brighter future for the country.

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