UZA launches 2023 election manifesto

The United Zimbabwe Alliance (UZA) has formally launched its election manifesto hinged on four themes: accountability, dignity, unity and stability as a guide to delivering a ‘flourishing’ Zimbabwe.

Formed two years ago in May 2019, the party also celebrated its two  year anniversary this year.

Addressing party structures at its headquarters in Bulawayo on Friday, UZA president, Elisabeth Valerio, who is standing for presidency in the upcoming elections, said the manifesto was a contract between the party and Zimbabweans to bring wholesome change in the country. 

“It is not just a mere document but a promise that will guide our path for the next  five years and these four overarching themes: accountability, dignity, unity and stability will make sure we deliver the Zimbabwe that we want,” she said.

Valerio said the four themes in the manifesto outlined policies that will address the key challenges facing Zimbabwe such as rule of law, reconciliation, citizens’ rights, election reform, public service, local governance, access and opportunities including education .

“The manifesto also looks at crime prevention and response, health care and social services. We want to deliver a strong economy for Zimbabwe, make sure we have infrastructure development, stability, address issues of land and environment as well as international inclusion as a country.”

“We want to address a good life because we want to make sure Zimbabweans have a good life,” she said, noting that UZA’s manifesto will also address the framework of traditional leaders within the country.

The UZA leader said it was time for Zimbabweans to embrace a new alternative and urged people to vote for the party.

“It is time to make your voice heard, vote for UZA and me as your presidential candidate,” Valerio said.

The manifesto can be seen and viewed on the party’s website

Valerio said the party spent 24 months touring the whole country, engaging citizens and asking them what they want in Zimbabwe.

“This document comes from you, the citizens of Zimbabwe. It was then followed up by a committee of 60 people who reviewed and researched the topics. Please completely embrace this document, which is a vision for the country,” said the party leader. 

She added that UZA was committed to fighting for peoples’ rights, because the life “we are living in Zimbabwe is not normal.”

“If other people looked at our country today, they wonder why we are tolerating the life that we have in this country today. We are fighting for your dignity. We want to restore the dignity of Zimbabwe and we want to make sure that our nation can once more be prosperous. We have everything we need to create prosperity in our country,” said Valerio, who declared she “will not disappoint the people of Zimbabwe.”

Valerio added UZA was formed with a vision of uniting Zimbabweans across ethnic, racial and political lines.

“If you look at our party symbol, it’s all about bringing Zimbabweans together, it doesn’t matter where you come from. We started off as a small group, as a conversation on what we are to do since literally the country is not going where we want. We all had hopes to make sure we protect the resources of our country. We started with 30 people and now Zimbabwe has embraced us, they have embraced UZA,” she said.

Amongst the structures present at the launch were some from the diaspora who travelled to celebrate the two year anniversary.

“We formed UZA with a commitment to serving you, the people of Zimbabwe. We need to change that about our government. The government is here to serve the citizens not for the citizens to serve the government. We want to serve you with honesty and integrity and with accountability and that is why this document is so important because it guides on what we will be doing,” said the UZA leader.

“In the past two years we have done remarkable achievements as a party and political movement. We have grown from a small group of courageous individuals to a formidable force of millions of Zimbabweans.”

UZA Vice president, Reverend Frank Mhlanga said on the night UZA was formed, they saw the importance of democratic processes and the 30 who were there all elected Valerio as their president.
“It is important to highlight to show that the executive that is here was chosen by the people as we abide by democracy,” he said.

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