Zim problems are man-made: Chief Ndiweni

Zimbabwe`s multi-faceted problems are man-made and citizens need to come up with possible solutions to contain the situation, Ntabazinduna Chief Felix Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni has said.

The outspoken chief made these remarks during an interview with CITE recently.

The chief who described himself as a die-hard optimist said he would do his best to represent what the people want.

“A chief is only a chief by his people. A chief is not there to please people but to do right by people. I’m a die-hard optimist and you will not see me wallowing in misery and contemplation. Although some people will take offence in this, we need to understand that the problem of Zimbabwe did not come from the Almighty, they were all man-made and solutions to them are out there somewhere,” he said.

Chief Ndiweni encouraged Zimbabweans to advocate for the change they wish to see within the government as this would serve as a ray of hope for the next generation.

“It is perfectly ok to change the government regardless of how long it has stayed in power. It is not cast in stone that people should challenge the government at what stage. If they do not want it they should change it,” said Chief Ndiweni.

Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni

“We are not encouraging people to be violent but to do this peacefully. Engage the administration peacefully and talk things through. People should start speaking the language of change lest they deny the young generation hope. Hope is what will guarantee the current generation a favourable destiny in this country.”

The chief added that courage is a necessity for change to be brought about.

He said in the 1960s it took courageous people to take up arms and fight against a governing system they did not want.

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