Zapu hails Zambia’s political maturity

Zimbabwe African People’s Union (Zapu) has applauded Zambia for successfully holding its elections which swept the opposition United Party National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema into power.

In its congratulatory message, Zapu said the neighbouring country demonstrated political maturity including a deeper understanding of democracy in making sure that the people’s will prevailed.

The revolutionary party said it was pleasing to see how political power was transferred smoothly without incident, from one administration to the next in order to serve the people.

In the August 12 election in Zambia, Hichilema, garnered 2 810 777 votes, defeating incumbent President Edgar Lungu of the ruling Patriotic Front who managed 1 814 201.

“We would like to congratulate the people of Zambia on the occasion of a successful democratic process over the weekend,” said Zapu National Spokesperson, Iphithule Maphosa.

“We wish to offer our congratulations to the President-Elect, Hakainde Hichilema. We wish him success and wisdom in leading his people and by extension, the people of Africa. At this time we reflect again on the great debt we owe to the Zambian people for the support so generously offered during our liberation struggle.”

Maphosa noted that Zambia’s democracy, which has matured over the years, is a demonstration that Africa is indeed capable of turning around the fortunes of the continent.

“They showed us it is possible to chart a peaceful and progressive developmental dispensation,” the ZAPU national spokesperson said.

“We note with sadness the limited reports of incidences of sporadic violence and attempts to subvert the will of the people soon after the elections, and applaud the people of the great Zambian nation for once again demonstrating maturity and a deeper understanding of democracy in ensuring that the people’s will and choice prevailed.”

Maphosa indicated that the just-ended exercise in Zambia was a good example to the SADC region, continent and world at large especially that constitutionalism will form the basis for progress and prosperity.

“We hope, too, that more countries will appreciate the importance of placing country and national interest before those of individuals or parties. Africa must indeed continue to show indebtedness to the people of Zambia lessons on collective development and responsible leadership creation continue to be drawn since the onset of multi-party democracy in the country, where power has been transferred smoothly without incidence, from one administration to the next,” he said.

The ZAPU national spokesperson wished Zambia a continued growth in democracy, success in its development, peace and harmonious co-existence of its peoples.

“We take this opportunity to congratulate also the outgoing President Edgar Lungu for showing statesmanship in putting the nation first and accepting the will of the people,” he said.

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