ZAPU dismisses ‘fake’ presidential nominees list

ZAPU has dismissed a ‘wish list’ of six party members touted to have been nominated for the party’s presidency, saying nominations will only emanate from the party’s congress set for August this year.

The party also announced that its congress will run from August 26 to 29, 2020.

Jostling for the ZAPU presidency intensified with the revolutionary party reportedly hunting for a vibrant leader to take over as president, forcing incumbent president, Isaac Mabuka, to order all interested persons to stop canvassing for votes but work to build structures.

ZAPU National Spokesperson, Iphithule Maphosa told CITE that media and other social quarters had “erroneously” reported that nominations for the presidency had taken place resulting in six cadres nominated.

“Through the Department of Information and Publicity, we wish to correct minor misinformation concerning nominations for the party’s congress coming on August 26 to 29, 2020.

“It has been erroneously reported by some media houses that nominations for the position of the president had taken place and in result, six cadres had been duly nominated. These six are Mark Mbayiwa (ZAPU treasurer-general), Emelia Mkaratirwa (former party vice president), Dr Strike Mkandla (party secretary-general), Future Msebele (South African based –Deputy Secretary for International Relations), Matthew Sibanda (party’s Matabeleland South chairman) and myself,” he said.

Maphosa noted that the six names doing the rounds were merely speculative and came as a result of numerous discussions around the mother party’s elective congress.

“Nominations come from provincial conferences, processes which are yet to take place as according to the official party programme and in accordance with rules and guidelines as per party constitution, in the run-up to Congress,” the spokesperson underscored.

He added that the media would soon know the dates of these provincial conferences so that they also attend and report accurate information regarding nominations to interested people.

Last year after the national executive council meeting, Mabuka, who is not standing for president, said the party would open up the presidential race in April this year to give people time to canvass for support before congress sits in August.

 “Quite possibly, we may open this around April for people to start competing because if we start now, some will do it for their sole benefit and organise people who can vote for them at congress instead of working for the party,” he said.

The ZAPU leader added that a strong party was made up of organised structures, which should be the aim and motivation going into congress.

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