Zanu PF must give way to an NTA: ZAPU

The Emmerson Mnangagwa-led government must admit it has failed to run the country and must give way to a National Transitional Authority (NTA) to help revive the country’s socio-economic situation that has worsened over the past two years, ZAPU has said.

The NTA will consist of an all stakeholders council that will exist for a defined period but must undertake reforms necessary for political, economic and social stability as well as credible elections.

In an interview with CITE, ZAPU interim president, Isaac Mabuka criticised the government for running down the economy and failing to come up with strategies to revive it.

“It is difficult to say where we are heading, even those in Zanu PF may not tell you what can happen in the next six months. The economy is in shambles, we don’t know how people will feed themselves in the coming months. Our economy was supported by informal traders who are now struggling,” he said at a memorial for their late leader and national hero, Dr Dumiso Dabengwa.

Dr Dabengwa died on May 23 last year after an illness and was buried on June 1.

Mabuka recommended that an NTA was the way to go for Zimbabwe if the country was to were to survive.

“I suggest the government accepts an NTA so that it plans for the future and puts in work. This would convince the world that we are doing the right thing. We will cry about sanctions but as long as these are words without action, we are going nowhere,” he said.

The NTA was also championed by Dr Dabengwa, who believed the country needed a technocratic executive that was capable to govern accordingly and run the day to day affairs of the country.

Mabuka claimed the ruling party had no turnaround strategies to save the country, which is why an NTA was necessary. 

“Zanu PF is running short of ideas, I’m not sure they know what to do. I really can’t see them moving us out of the drought situation, considering the country needs more investment. Local industry has to start manufacturing to become viable,” he said.

The incumbent ZAPU leader noted people had been relying on their relatives in the Diaspora for assistance but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that help was reduced.

“The country was sustained by relatives working abroad but with the COVID -19 pandemic, some are coming back home. Some who were sending money and food from Europe, South Africa, Botswana are losing their jobs.

“This situation will see us swimming worse in deeper seas and the problem is will this government feed the country. Stores are slowly failing to restock, some goods are running short such as razor blades, as you can’t see them no more in shops and these are negative signs,” Mabuka observed.

The memorial was attended by a sizeable crowd including Dr Dabengwa’s family in line with COVID-19 protocols.

The speakers paid tribute to the senior ZPRA commander, urging others to emulate his life and stick to principles.

An elderly ZAPU member, Elia Majola, said Dr Dabengwa was a principled man who grew to be just like his father.

“I was taught agriculture by Dr Dabengwa’s father then at Ngwenya school, now John Tallach, who emphasised that his teachings were for the future. It is no wonder that in Dabengwa, he raised a simple man of principle, who was also humble, not wanting to be idolised but yearned to improve the country,” she said.

Her words were echoed by ZAPU Provincial Chair, Roger Muhlwa who concurred that Dabengwa was driven by people’s struggles.

Deputy National Chair in ZAPU’s Council of Elders, Percy Bhebhe, said Dr Dabengwa was the first youth chairperson in the country under NDP in 1961.

“Dabengwa rose through the ranks to become president of ZAPU. This did not happen overnight but was done step by step to fulfil a cause. He became ZAPU president after 50 years of assuming his first political position. This teaches us that leadership is a meticulous process that is not be rushed. This also apples to all events in ones life, whether it is marriage for young people and maturity for adolescents,” he said.

The party also unveiled a plaque in his honour and laid flowers in remembrance of Dr Dabengwa’s legacy.

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