Zanu PF MP accused of diverting Covid-19 donation

Matobo South Member of Parliament (MP) Soul Ncube has been accused of diverting part of the Covid-19 donation he was given to hand over to four rural hospitals in Matabeleland.

The consignment was donated by Lovemore Fuyane and Lance Maphosa. 

According to the sources the distribution of the donation was to be as follows: “Maphisa should have received 60 boxes surgical masks,48 boxes gloves, 200L sanitizer and 4 infrared thermometers while St Joseph was meant to receive 50 boxes surgical masks, 40 boxes gloves, 150 litres sanitizer and three infrared thermometers,” said the source. 

“Silonkwe Village (Fuyane’s homestead) was expected to receive 500 washable masks. Brunabeg Hospital was meant to get 30 boxes surgical masks,24 boxes latex gloves and 100L sanitizer while for Mbembeswana it was to be 15 boxes of surgical masks,12 boxes gloves, and 50 litres sanitizer.”

However, it seems some of the donated goods did not reach their intended beneficiaries.

Contacted for a comment, Matobo Medical District Officer, Dr Matthew Mthunzi said Maphisa District Hospital received the first consignment around May. 

“MP for Matobo South brought us some items only to be told by Fuyane that the items came from them so I wasn’t sure who gave us the items,” he said. 

“We received Face masks box of 50 by 16, Latex gloves box of 100 by 16, Hand Sanitizer 25 litres by 3, one thermos canner, 400ml empty spray containers and 120 Fabric face masks. 

“From this list, the two 25 litre containers were given to St Joseph by the pharmacist and one box of surgical face masks, 30 Fabric masks and the thermos scanner. This was done without the knowledge that St Joseph had received its share of the donation,” said Dr Mthuzi. 

He, however, said a second donation was made by the MP though he could not give figures off-hand.

Contacted for a comment, Hon Ncube denied the allegations saying he distributed the goods as per instruction from his uncle, Lance Maphosa, one of the donors.  

“This is not true, my uncle called me that they want to donate to villagers in the area. The donations were indeed delivered at his homestead which is next to mine, “said MP Ncube. 

“He told me that I should give this donation to villagers and share the rest as I see fit and give to Maphisa Hospital, Mbembeswana and St Joseph, I did exactly that but the thing is we donated some masks to four funerals, Kezi Police station, Maphisa police station and even donated to the First Lady’s program at a homestead a week ago, all the people who had masks were wearing the masks we donated,” he said.

Ncube added: “After we had made these donations, a friend of my uncle started calling saying they had specific areas where these donations were supposed to go, yet I didn’t know they had combined to purchase the items.”

The legislator said he later dumped some of the goods at Maphisa Hospital after a confrontation with Fuyane.  

“I did give all hospitals the donations but according to him those are not the quantities he wanted and I even took some of his quantities to his homestead,” he said. 

“I thought those donations were from my uncle and as someone representing the people I do not choose on partisan grounds, so I was just delivering on his behalf since my uncle usually donates and people are aware of this. 

“The remaining donation was to be given to schools preparing for examination classes but when we were now arguing with this friend, I took everything to Maphisa Hospital because I didn’t want anything to do with him and the donation anymore,” said MP Ncube. 

Fuyane showed CITE WhatsApp messages between Ncube and Mpahosa with the latter giving the politician instructions on how to distribute the donation way before the goods were delivered.

“These messages clearly show he was told in advance on what should happen. He received the delivery instructions even before receiving the items but he acted out of his thinking, “said Fuyane. 

“Even his uncle told him what to do but what was he doing donating to the police, sangoma dancers and shop owners.  I have been talking to him to make the deliveries with an understanding that he still has some donations but he has been giving excuses either of being with the First Lady or in Parliament.”

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