Zanu in u-turn over ‘cash barons’

ZANU PF members who accused the party`s provincial secretary for finance, Mlungisi Moyo for running a illegal money trading cartel in Bulawayo have beat a hasty retreat and withdrawn the allegations.

Instead, they issued an apology to the ruling party’s leadership for bringing the allegations to the public domain.

Moyo, a losing parliamentary candidate for Bulawayo Central, was accused of violating the Zanu PF constitution by engaging in illicit financial activities and sabotaging the economy, which brought the ruling party into disrepute considering that President Emmerson Mnangagwa had effected legislation to jail illegal money changers.

A petition was then drawn up calling the Zanu PF provincial structures to recall Moyo from the party position.

Moyo denied the allegations when CITE sought a comment from him on Thursday adding he was yet to receive that petition.

However, the petition reportedly caused a lot of friction within the party with those who drew up the petition forced to withdraw it.

In the letter, one of the party members Mthulisi Moyo said:

“I do hereby publicly apologise to all people involved in the entrepreneurial activities in the City. I was wrong about my ideological and ethical assumptions. I have been shown that what I am doing is against the party and against the president,” he wrote.

He claimed he would focus on Zanu PF’s growth and stop talking about cash barons, osiphatheleni or commodity manipulators.

“Comrades please forgive me for my gross mistake. I apologise to the President and First Secretary of the Party. I also apologise to the Chairman of the Province. I apologise to Cde Mlungisi Moyo and every other party member that I have offended by my misguided position on issues concerning the black market and the Party in the City.

“I have been shown that we do not have such people in our ranks and that there is no truth in my position. So I sincerely ask comrades who have been offended to please forgive me. I was wrong,” Moyo said in the letter.

He noted he was ready to receive discipline from Zanu PF for the mistake he made.

However, sources claimed those who had spoken out against Moyo had received threats and faced intimidation forcing them to make a climbdown.

“They received calls from politburo members, central committee members and province with clear instructions to stop immediately or else face consequences,” a source alleged.

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