Pregnant woman abducted, assaulted in three-hour ordeal

IN a shocking incident, a heavily pregnant woman was kidnapped and detained for three hours in the bush by a knife-wielding man who beseiged a maternity waiting home at Manama Mission Hospital in Matabeleland South in the early hours of Thursday.

The shelter has no security details manning the premises.

Sources who spoke to CITE claimed the woman was sexually abused.

However, a report by the District Nursing Officer, a T Sibanda addressed to the District Medical Officer, noted that the woman who was held hostage was “assaulted, threatened and was not sexually abused by the young man.”

The suspect who is still at large also stole clothes and phones belonging to the women.

“On the 23rd of June 2021, Manama Mission Hospital made a report of the attack to women to women in the shelter at 12 midnight by an unknown person (male) wielding a knife. The young man harassed and attacked pregnant women in the shelter. He took their clothes and phones, put in a bag and fled into the bush with one pregnant mother for 3 hours,” read the report.

“At 330 hours, he brought back the pregnant woman who had suffered some injuries (cuts, bruises and human bites). He then ran away upon being pursued by the ZRP and some staff members.”

The hospital officials have since resolved to “identify two general hands who will act as security men and will provide security 24 hours a day since there are no security guards at the institution.”

They will also repair broken doors and locks at the shelter.

Most of the women at the shelter have since returned to their homes amid concerns from health officials that this could lead to an increase in home deliveries.

Contacted for a comment, Matabeleland South police said they have not yet received the report.

Matabeleland South Provincial Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Officer Dr Norbert Singine confirmed the incident but said he will share more details as he was on the field working conducting health campaigns in the province.

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