WILD urges accessible and gender-sensitive documentation procedures

Legal reforms are needed to ensure accessible and gender-sensitive birth registration and documentation procedures, the Women Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) has said.

WILD joins the global community in celebrating World Population Day 2023 under the theme “Unleashing the Power of Gender Equality to uplift the voices of women and girls to unlock our world’s infinite possibilities,” which seeks to recognise the importance of empowering women and girls as catalysts for progress, development and transformation.

World Population Day is an annual event observed on July 11th to raise awareness about and address global population issues.

In a statement, WILD said it acknowledges and recognises that central to uplifting the voices of women and girls and unlocking their potential is addressing the issue of statelessness. 

“Access to documentation is at the core of enjoyment of fundamental human rights and freedoms for women and girls. Statelessness means women and girls are denied access to essential services and fundamental rights,” the women’s organisation said.

WILD said the absence of identity documents, such as birth certificates and national identification cards, leaves women and girls unable to access healthcare, education, employment opportunities, and social welfare systems. 

“This exclusion perpetuates a cycle of marginalization and hinders their ability to thrive and contribute to society. The impact of statelessness on women and girls extends beyond the denial of basic rights. The absence of recognition as part of the public population leaves them with a profound sense of exclusion, isolation, and insecurity.

“Addressing statelessness and its effects on women and girls in Zimbabwe and beyond requires urgent and concerted efforts. We call upon the Government, civil society organizations (CSOs), media and the international community to collaborate in implementing comprehensive solutions.”

WILD said addressing statelessness among women and girls is crucial for the promotion of human rights, gender equality, and inclusive development.

“By recognizing the specific challenges faced by stateless women and girls and taking concrete actions to provide them with legal status and support, we can work towards a society where every woman and girl can enjoy their rights, contribute meaningfully, and achieve a brighter future for themselves and their communities,” the organisation said.

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