Water woes mount for Insiza villagers

Ward 1 Villagers in Filabusi, Insiza constituency have lamented the drying up of their main water source Makhumulo dam as the drought situation persists.

Many areas in Matabeleland have been seriously affected by the devastating drought, leaving both humans and animals in a dire situation.

Siyaphambili villagers from Filabusi, ward 1 said their major dam together with small wells that they relied on are now drying up.

“We used to rely on Makhumulo dam and other small wells in the area which have since dried up as we have not yet received significant rains, our area is not spared when it comes to drought,” said Jubias Mathuthu.

Mathuthu said Makhumulo dam has turned into a death trap of livestock.

“Our dam became a death trap of livestock last year around October, we lost our livestock since water levels were deteriorating and filling up with mud.

“We would remove about 7 herds of cattle per day, only a few survived as we found the alternative of scooping wells for livestock in Mzingwane dam which is a bit of a distance from where we stay,” said Mathuthu.

In addition, Tawanda Muchehiwa said the situation is terrible as people are forced to share the same water source with livestock.

“Drought is real, the only source of water for people in Filabusi Ndwangu line has run dry,  their cattle, goats, and donkey are dying daily, no source of water or whatsoever, they deserve a borehole,” said Muchehiwa.

“The situation is so terrible, our people are still drinking from the same water source with cattle and goats.”

 When contacted for a comment Insiza South Member of Parliament, Spare Sithole said he was not aware of that the dam had dried up but plans to sink boreholes in the area were on the pipeline.

“I was not aware of the drying up of dams but yes plans to have boreholes in the area are there,” said Sithole.

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