Violence: MDC-T dispatches emissaries to Bulawayo

The MDC-T has dispatched a team to investigate the violence that took place at the party`s Bulawayo province offices on Sunday.

The attacks seemingly targeted at the party`s Vice President Thokozani Khupe`s faction, rocked the central business district with the anti-riot police dispatched to quell the violence.

Some of the party members sustained injuries while cars belonging to some party officials were stoned.

In a statement, the party`s acting spokesperson Thabitha Khumalo the party leadership had dispatched a team to address the problem.

“The MDC has condemned the violence that took place at the party offices in Bulawayo and has immediately dispatched a two-member team to normalize the situation,” said Khumalo.

“The party has today dispatched the party’s arbiter-general and the head of security and intelligence, Mr. Giles Mutsekwa to normalize the situation in Bulawayo”.

Khumalo also noted that the opposition party abhors violence and will root it out of its system.

“The party’s national council, the supreme decision-making body between Congresses, last week decisively pronounced itself on the matter and said violence was not part of the culture and the DNA of the MDC.

“The national council resolved that stern action be taken against the instigators of the disturbing incidences of violence if they are found to be party members,” she said.

The party has been gripped with episodes of violence since the demise of party leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Khupe, who is locked in a leadership battle with interim president Nelson Chamisa, was also attacked at Tsvangirai`s burial in Buhera.

Meanwhile, the party`s Bulawayo Provincial Executive has denied its alleged involvement in the attacks.

“Bulawayo community is highly shocked by the despicable violence against innocent citizens and wanton destruction of property by highly charged hired thugs by some erstwhile party members,” said provincial spokesperson, Felix Mafa Sibanda.

“It has to be made very clearly that MDC T provincial executive and its subsidiary structures are not surprised by this dangerous adventure by the anti MDC Alliances cabal under the directorship of some by some high ranking members of the MDC T who have technically resigned from the party by their absenteeism in strategic programmes, meeting or anything doing with the party at whatever level”

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