Mangwe woman murdered in a suspected love triangle

A woman believed to be above 50 from Makorokoro area in Mangwe District was last week murdered in cold blood in a suspected love triangle, CITE has established.

The body of Sihle Ndebele, of Jinjika Village in Makorokoro, was discovered in her homestead three days after she was last seen in public, according to villagers who spoke to CITE.

“There is a woman who was killed in cold blood in Makorokoro,” said a villager who refused to be named.

“Her body was discovered on Friday and we suspect that she was murdered on Wednesday,” he said.

“There are suspects who have been arrested. This is what happened: this woman (Ndebele) is said to have been in love with a certain man by the name of Sofa Ncube (above 60). The same Sofa Ncube was also in love with another woman by the name of Naki Maphosa (About 38 years old) also of Makorokoro near Tjedza at Jinjika Village.”

He explained further and said Maphosa had earlier confronted Ndebele accusing her of being in love with her lover, resulting in the latter agreeing to part ways with Ncube.

A few days later, Ndebele was found dead in her bedroom, said the source, when the suspects were now trying to burn the room in order to destroy evidence.

“For her body to be located, people saw fire coming out of her room and had to go and check what was happening, only to discover that MaNdebele had been killed.

Ncube and Maphosa were immediately arrested and taken to Mayobodo Police Station in Khalanyoni.

“The body was removed from Makorokoro on Friday night and taken to Bulawayo for post-mortem and brought back yesterday (Monday) and was buried Tuesday morning,” he said.

Another villager, said those who wrapped up Ndebele’s body said she did not have any cuts on the body, suggesting that she had been strangled.

Matabeleland South provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Loveness Mangena said she would confirm the case with Mayobodo Police Station.

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