VID impounds NUST bus over fitness issues

The Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) has impounded a National University of Science and Technology (NUST) staff bus over fitness issues, CITE has established.

The bus was seized in Bulawayo on Thursday morning while carrying the university employees and taken to the VID depot.

“Do you know that today NUST workers who were in the grey NUST AVM bus were impounded together with their bus….,”read a message which went viral on social media in Thursday.

“The bus has no road fitness certificate, no insurance, and no Zinara (Zimbabwe National Roads Administration) disc (road license disc). Before today’s incident they were once stopped by police and VID and given a ticket.”

The message further said NUST had to release another bus, which had the same issues, to rescue the stranded employees who were stuck at VID.

The white Golden Dragon bus, which was dispatched to rescue the situation, according to the message, could not be driven straight to VID to pick up workers, amid fears of it being impounded too.

“They (workers) were picked up at Renkini by the white bus driven by Philani Banda after walking from VID,” read the message.

NUST director for communication and marketing, Thabani Mpofu, however said some of the issues raised on social media about the institution were unfounded.

“What I can confirm is that the bus was taken by VID because of road fitness issues, which are being sorted out; I think that’s what I can confirm,” he said.

“As I am talking right now, the bus is at VID.”

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