Vic Falls woman dies after drinking ‘poisoned’ Maheu

Police in Victoria Falls are hunting a traditional healer who gave a couple an unknown concoction leading to the wife’s death while the husband is receiving treatment at a local hospital.

It is not yet clear the ailment that had caused the couple, Raymond Bhekinkosi Tshuma (43) and his wife, Foni Dube (36) to seek the services of Mara Ncube.

According to Matabeleland North provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Glory Banda the couple consulted the traditional healer with an unknown issue before he visited them at their home on Wednesday.

“I can confirm a case of murder which occurred at house number 4208 Chinotimba, Victoria Falls on 27 January 2022, where Ncube a traditional healer, gave an unknown substance mixture to Dube and her husband Tshuma to drink. On 26 January 2022, Foni Dube and her husband who were having stomach pains visited Mara Ncube who is a traditional healer seeking his assistance,” said Insp. Banda.

Upon his arrival at the couple’s residence the following day, Ncube prepared a mixture of home-brewed Maheu and an unknown substance and gave the two to drink and he left the place.

“After the two drank the concoction, they started vomiting and had running stomachs. Raymond Bekinkosi Tshuma noticed that his wife Foni Dube was becoming weak and called his neighbour to help him. An ambulance was called but unfortunately, when the ambulance crew arrived, Foni Dube was pronounced dead. Raymond Bhekinkosi Tshuma is recovering at Victoria Falls Hospital. The Police are appealing for information which can lead to the arrest of Mara Ncube who is on the run.”

Meanwhile, the police have appealed to members of the public to seek medical attention from established health providers.

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