TIZ intervenes in Gwanda CDF saga

Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ) has intervened in the alleged misuse of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocation meant to rehabilitate Mabheka Primary in Gwanda.

Gwanda Central Constituency received ZWL$100 000 from the government for its CDF in July, and the funds were channelled to the school rehabilitation project.

However, the project failed to take off on time raising fears that the money could have been abused.

Recently, a social audit team from TIZ visited the school to check on the progress and discovered that 150 bags had been purchased.  

In an interview with CITE, TIZ Advocacy Officer Njabulo Moyo said when they visited the school there was nothing but they have since been informed that more building materials have been delivered following their visit.

“When we went to Mabheka they had nothing to show for the CDF allocation but we are driving advocacy issues and it is our duty to intervene,” said Moyo.

“Last week on Thursday and Friday more building materials were delivered to the school particularly more cement bags and roofing materials and that is a good sign.”

He added that it was worrying that the project had taken a long time to start.

“One issue is the time it took to deliver because it does not mean them bringing the materials all of a sudden and everything is okay, what is important is value and time,” said Moyo.

Moyo also implored the government to speed up the process of allocating CDF funds.

“The government needs to speed up the process of disbursing funds and take into consideration the geographical needs, a constituency with three wards and one with two constituencies should not be given the same amount.”

He added that the blanket approach in the allocation of CDF funds should be reviewed.

“Dynamics for rural and urban constituencies are not the same, the blanket approach is not working in the funds allocation, people should be consulted prior to making decisions and end the disconnect between what people need and what needs to be done,” he told CITE.

Mabheka headmaster, Tsumbedzo Moyo, confirmed the school had received another batch of building and roofing materials last week.

“We received 100 bags of cement and 84 asbestos sheets from the CDF community and we had a meeting with the community to map a way forward,” said Moyo

“I received a call from the Member of Parliament’s office and I was told that there are people who will be coming from Gwanda town to mould bricks for the block to be built.”

The headmaster added that they still have not received the site plan which has caused further delays to project.

“The problem is that we do not have a site plan until now and I have been running to the physical planning department to get it so that we start construction,” said Moyo.

Reached for a comment, Gwanda Central Member of Parliament, Patrick Dube, said they wanted to deliver the materials in stages due to storage challenges.

“We wanted to deliver the building materials bit by bit because they was nowhere to place the materials and the site plan is not my responsibility but I will intervene, you can check with me next week because the city council is aware of that,” the MP said.

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