Vic Falls resumes contact tracing

By Judith Sibanda

Health officials in Matabeleland North have resumed contact tracing for Covid-19 patients in Victoria Falls after temporarily suspending the process after being overwhelmed by covid-19 cases in the resort city.

Acting provincial medical director Munekayi Padingani said they had mobilised more resources to ensure that contact tracing is conducted to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

“We are mobilizing the resources and we have said they are not going to stop anymore,” Padingani said.

“We will give them fuel and there is a partner as well who is has come on board supporting contact tracing because if we stop, we are not going to know the extent of the virus especially in our area so we need to continue.”

He said the distribution of such resources will be spread throughout the province.

Hwange district continues to record more Covid-19 cases after 42 people tested positive for the virus.

Padingani, however, said none had severe symptoms.

He added that they will investigate reports that most of the people who had been infected were people who had been vaccinated.

“I am not saying people are getting re-infected because they are being negligent but they have to know that if you are vaccinated, you can get infected but the disease will not be severe but rather mild.

“When you are not feeling anything after full vaccination and you come and test positive, you should not get stressed because that infection means that you did not get ill but I insist that they should continue wearing masks, washing their hands and social distance so that they don’t infect others.”

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