Cop in court for robbery

A Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officer has been arraigned in court for allegedly robbing a civilian of USD$120 on Valentine’s night.

A court heard Nqobani Ncube (30) stationed at Mbembesi, in the company of two other officers who were clad in police gab allegedly trailed Sidumisile Ntini to his house in Suburbs using an unregistered Mercedez Benz.

The State alleges Ncube and his accomplices approached Ntini and accused him of having picked up a prostitute along 15th avenue.

The court heard they allegedly shoved Ntini into their vehicle and drove him to Drill Hall police station.

Ncube, through his lawyer Tinashe Runganga of Tanaka Law Chambers, pleaded not guilty to a robbery charge.

Magistrate Prince Ncube remanded the officer out of custody to March 5 on a $100 bail.

For the State, Leonard Chile said upon arrival at the police station, Ncube parked outside and searched Ntini’s pockets.

He said Ncube took USD$120 from Ntini’s pockets and claimed he would use it to “negotiate” with his bosses to free him.

“The three introduced themselves as Detective Inspector Nyakudya and Constables Shoko and Dube. Two of the police officers were in uniform save for Ncube,” said Chile.

He added: “Ncube went into Drill Hall and never came back. He was then followed by another accomplice who went and never came out. The other accomplice instructed Ntini to stay put while he went to check on what was holding his colleagues.”

Chile said none of the three ever came back to check on Ntini and that was when he realised he had been robbed.

“Ntini got out of the car and went to Central Police station where he made a report. On February 15, Ntini spotted Ncube in the car he had used the previous night along Robert Mugabe between 14th and 15th Ave,” he said.

Chile said Ntini notified the police leading to Ncube`s arrest.

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