Vendors remain at 5th avenue market despite eviction order

While some informal traders operating along 5th Avenue in Bulawayo’s Central Business District heeded the call to vacate the area to allow for the establishment of formal vending bays, others remained on site as of Monday.

Following several discussions, the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) and its partners resolved to open 5th Avenue and formalise the market.

Traders had until Sunday to vacate the site, but a visit on Monday revealed that some vendors were still present.

Those who resisted the order stated that the two weeks away would have a financial impact on their lives as vending was their only source of income.

BCC Corporate Communications Manager, Nesisa Mpofu, expressed their satisfaction with the compliance of some informal traders.

“We are pleased to see that many informal traders have complied and vacated the site. While there are a few remaining, the council has an inter-departmental team prepared to begin cleaning and site preparation. Additionally, assessments are underway regarding paving, road repairs, and designing an ideal structure for informal traders at such markets.”

Mpofu emphasised the importance of cooperation and ensuring equal representation across all sectors of the economy.

“Our focus is to create smart, inclusive, and gender-sensitive formal trading bays. We continue to engage with the sector to understand their needs and preferences,” she said.

Mpofu also urged commuters to utilise the Egodini bus rank.

“Similar to developments like the Nkulumane safe market and the ongoing Egodini bus rank and informal traders market, we encourage commuters to utilize the Egodini facility. It is our facility, our Bulawayo, and we must work together to improve our city,” she concluded.

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