Trust fund set up for Nkayi fire victim

A group of Zimbabweans based in South Africa have set up a trust fund for a 16-year-old boy from Nkayi who lost his family members when their homestead was gutted by fire and reduced to ashes in 2009.

Nqobani Moyo from Seshanke village in Nkayi who is now doing his Matric in South Africa survived the incident with horrible burns, while his parents died on the spot while his brother later passed on in hospital.

A trust fund is a legal entity that holds property or assets on behalf of another person, group or organisation. It is an estate planning tool that keeps your assets in a trust managed by a neutral third party, or trustee. A trust fund can include money, property, stock, a business or combination of these.

Speaking to CITE, Giyani Dube, one of the members involved in the setting up of the trust fund said they decided to relocate Nqobani to South Africa for better treatment.

“Nqobani was also hospitalised but they later on discharged him after some time when said there was nothing more they could do to help him with his situation, further than what they had already done,” said Dube.

“So, we managed to get in touch with one of his grandmothers to seek permission to transfer Nqobani to South Africa for hospitalisation, he did get assistance in one of the hospitals here in South Africa, after four months we really saw a huge difference because when he came here, he was not able to do anything.

Dube said Nqobani is currently stable and they have set up the trust fund to assist him with his upkeep.

“Doctors this side really assisted until he stabilised, right now he is stable and alright, so we realised that since he is growing up, not all of us will be able to keep assisting him through our pocket, we then formed a Trust Fund to assist him in future,” he said.

“As of now we have set up a Trust Fund for him, it will be the one responsible to take care of his upkeep and his specific needs such as rentals, school fees and food in general. This is what motivated us to set up this Trust Fund for him because not all of us will remain alive to assist him, so we are hoping to get more hands to assist Nqobani.

Dube added: “When we started, we were a group of 12 members, but the other two have passed on, and amongst those who are still alive and still assisting him we are now only four, but we have had other people joining in and playing different roles towards assisting him.”

Those willing to assist Nqobani can make a deposit on the following account: First National Bank (FNB) Account Number: 62545354780.

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