TOR: Website Development Consultant

Assignment Title: E-learning platform upgrade
Consultant’s Name:
Location of Assignment: BULAWAYO
Duration of Assignment: 14 DAYS
Reports to: THE DIRECTOR

  1. Background
    The Centre for Innovation and Technology (CITE) is a digital media and creative hub that was formed in 2015 and registered in 2016. It sprang from the need to have an organisation that will ride on the use of new technologies and art to support social movements, talented change makers, and innovators. The organisation was formed after realisations that while new media plays a very important role in creating awareness and raising different social, economic and political issues it cannot be fully effective if it not fused with other offline media. The success of this hub hinges upon the involvement of young people who are mostly the ones who use new media and those in the art sector. It also depends on being rooted in the community and the participation of the community. The Centre for Innovation and Technology seeks to provide a space where young people from different backgrounds and professions can meet to discuss ideas and collaborate on various projects and innovations. It combines digital media and activism to push for positive social change in Zimbabwe.

CITE’s mission is to keep citizens informed, holding public authorities to account, and enabling public conversations through online and offline innovative platforms.

CITE has an e-learning platform, Funda, designed to enhance the reach of CITE’s capacity building work targeted at entry level and mid-career journalists, human rights defenders, civil society practitioners, artistes and other creatives. The platform is meant to ensure that people whose work and academic commitments make it difficult to attend physical training workshops can also undertake training courses at their own pace.

  1. Purpose
    The purpose of this assignment is to modify, upgrade, update CITE’s e-learning platform using latest development tools and programming languages. Here is the link to the website:
  2. Roles and Responsibilities of Consultant
    • Analyse, recommend, implement, and enhance the e-learning platform using applicable techniques including but not limited to plug-ins, upgrading site designs, techniques, improving search ranks an improving traffic on the sites.
    • Contribute towards search optimisation, web UX and functionality.
    • Develop interfaces between online content management system
  3. Deliverables

The consultant is expected to achieve the following deliverables:

• Update and upgrade the e-learning platform as per terms of reference agreed upon
• Create an mobile app for the platform

  1. Scheduling
    The following method suggests ways in which the process will be undertaken:

• 2 days for preliminary consultative meetings with CITE team
• 8 days developing the platform
• 2 days to review the platform together with Head of Technical.
• 2 days for orientation and training on how to use platform

  1. Technical Direction
    Technical direction during the performance of this assessment will be provided by the Head of Technical for CITE.
  2. Required Skills and Competencies

• 2 +years CMS experience
• A broad knowledge of technology solutions, strong HTML, CSS, JavaScript skills, responsive design, and UX principles is a requirement for this position.
• Knowledge and experience of using participatory approaches and innovative facilitation techniques
• Strong analytical skills
• Good interpersonal skills and able to negotiate shared positions
• Excellent communication skills

  1. Tender standards:

Applications must be sent by email to copying by close of business on 4 March 2021.

The tender should be no more than 5 pages, and is expected to include;

• Summary of relevant experience

• Contact details for at least two independent referees with in-depth and proven knowledge of the applicant’s expertise and relevant work experience.
• Background of the consultancy company/individual
• Proposition on how the project would be conducted.
• Examples of previous work should accompany the tender.
• Charge for the consultancy.

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