Vet dept orders destruction of 28 cattle in Mat South

The Veterinary Services Department has ordered the destruction of 28 cattle belonging to a farmer in Insiza, Matabeleland South, to contain the spread of Theileriosis Disease.

Theileriosis is a disease caused by a species of Theileria – a blood-borne parasite. It only affects cattle and is primarily transmitted by ticks.

According to the destruction and disposal order issued by the Director of Veterinary Field Services Dr Jairus Machakwa and dated 23 May 2022, the concerned farmer, Sabelo Moyo in contravention of the laws governing the movement of livestock, moved a total of 28 cattle from Lancaster Farm, which is under quarantine for Theileriosis, to Lubuze Diptank in Insiza.

“Information at my disposal indicates that Sabelo Moyo, moved twenty-eight (28) head of cattle from Lancaster Farm to Lubuze Diptank, Insiza,” said Machakwa in the order sent to the Matabeleland South Provincial Veterinary Officer.

“The cattle had no Veterinary Movement Permit. Sabelo Moyo contravened the provisions of Animal Health (Movement of cattle and pigs) Regulations, 1984. Lancaster Farm is under quarantine for Theileriosis, which is decimating the national herd. The illegal movement posed a risk of spread of specified animal disease against which a quarantine was placed by the veterinary authority.”

The chilling order has also been copied to Moyo himself, Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) National Coordinator (Anti-stock Theft Unit), ZRP Matabeleland South Provincial Anti-stock Theft Coordinator, ZRP officer commanding Matabeleland South Province,  ZRP Officer Commanding Insiza District, ZRP Insiza District Anti-stock theft coordinator and Insiza District Veterinary Officer.

“Now, therefore, under and by virtue of powers vested in the director of Veterinary Services by Section 7, Subsection (3) paragraph (a) of the Animal Health Act (Chapter 19:01) as read with Section 7, Subsection (2) paragraph (a) and (b) of the said Act, the Director orders the destruction of the twenty-eight (28) cattle and safe disposal of the carcasses,” said Machakwa in the order.

“The Provincial Veterinary Officer for Matabeleland South Province or his representative is hereby ordered to destroy the twenty-eight cattle (28) and ensure safe disposal of carcasses. The destruction and disposal must be witnessed by police details.”

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