Steward Bank dismisses WhatsApp message

Steward Bank has dismissed a message spreading on WhatsApp which is advising customers to close their bank accounts as malicious.

The message which went virally yesterday “alerted” customers of the bank that they risked having their bank accounts frozen due to problems at the bank.Steward bank released a statement via social media assuring its customers that all was well at the bank.

Please be advised that contrary to a malicious message circulating on social media, Steward Bank has no plans to restrict, freeze or limit customer transactions in any form and for any period as suggested. Whilst we have experienced some intermittency with our RIGS platform due to an increase in the volume of transactions being processed, all our platforms are fully functional with our customers transacting as normal. Customers are advised to ignore this fake announcement and when in doubt contact the Bank through our contact centre.”

Steward bank is not the first institution to have to dismiss information spreading on social media.RBZ  and  ZB  bank also fell victim to such messages.


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