Mpopoma residents engage ZETDC over power cuts

Mpopoma residents, Saturday engaged Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission Distribution Company (ZETDC) over the perennial power cuts affecting the area.

The meeting which was held at Mahomva business centre was facilitated by the local Member of Parliament Charles Moyo following an outcry from the residents.

Moyo said the power cuts were mostly affecting four flats in Mpopoma that are home to seventy residents.

”It was an engagement meeting today between Zesa and residents. I reached out to Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission Distribution Company Western Region General manager Lyod Jaji who sent his engineers and electricity was restored. The workers explained to residents that it was a perennial problem which was affecting residents on a daily basis and that power was going to be restored pending another reconnection problem they were going to work on Monday ” said Moyo.

He added that he was going to have another meeting with the business community on Tuesday at Mahomva business complex to ensure that they do not hire bogus electricians who will do some illegal connections at the complex which then result in an imbalance in the distribution of power in the constituency. 

Jaji confirmed that the power had been restored and a follow up meeting with residents in the coming week.

Residents have often blamed ZESA workers for being responsible for the electricity cable thefts.

Cabinet recently approved the Electricity Amendment Bill, which proposed stiffer penalties for people who vandalise electricity infrastructure.

The theft of ZESA cables has been on a rise in the country with the power utility reporting 1237 cable thefts in 2021.

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