Sordid details of Vuzu parties emerge

As stakeholders in Bulawayo grapple to find solutions to end the scourge of Vuzu parties that have rocked the city, shocking revelations of what actually happens at these secret wild orgies have emerged.

Vuzu parties can be described as wild parties which are attended by mostly teenagers where they engage in alcohol, drug and substance abuse and end up voluntarily or involuntarily engaging in sexual activities with various partners.

Vuzu parties have since taken Bulawayo by storm which has drawn a lot of worry from parents, law enforcers, local authority and government officials in the city.

Giving a detailed insight to residents during a Consultative Stakeholders meeting at the Large City Hall, Wednesday, Trevor Bvurajena- a youth representative- said there are three main types of Vuzu parties that have taken the city by storm.

“There has been a lot of speculation on what exactly happens at Vuzu parties hence we took time out to gather information on what really happens at these parties,” explained Burajena.

“The most common type is the plain Vuzu where they just invite about twenty to fifty young people. They drink alcohol, abuse drugs and engage in sexual activities,” he said.

Bvurajena said the second type is called the five-dollar Vuzu party where patrons engage in sex marathons.

“What happens in this party is that these young people are paired for sexual activities. They exchange partners in form of a competition to see who can sleep with the most partners,” he said.

“The victors of the competition are termed king and queen of the moment and are given all the gate takings which would have been collected prior to the party,” said Bvurajena.

The youth representative explained that the other form is called the slush and is attended by elderly people.

“Singles, divorcees, widows and widowers are the ones who attend this one. They pick each other from the community and sometimes from church.

“They create their own groups where they invite each other to their houses. There they drown in alcohol and bed each other,” he said.

He said they use very strong drugs which affect their immune system to the extent of blacking out for about three to four hours without being able to realise what is happening to and around them.

Bvurajena said there are however some cases where school children fall into temptation because they want money and material things to spend at school.

“In these instances, school children can be asked to fondle the other while studying at parks or other reading spots they utilise,” he said.

In May, police in Bulawayo rounded up 131 rowdy youths and also confiscated alcohol and sex enhancing pills from teenagers headed to Vuzu parties.

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