Daring thief breaks into maternity home, steals cellphone

A pregnant Plumtree woman, Saturday, allegedly lost her mobile phone to a daring thief, who broke into a maternity waiting room at Plumtree District Hospital.

The thief pounced on the expecting women at around 2AM and snatched a cell phone belonging to one of the women who was sleeping by the door.

A source who spoke to CITE on condition of anonymity said the thief was disturbed by one of the women and ran away before he could be apprehended.

“We woke up around 2am to collect our clothes from the washing line,” she narrated.

“However, one of the women was still awake and startled the thief who then took off”.

She said they were now afraid to sleep at the waiting home due to the security breach.

“We are defenseless pregnant mothers and our doors cannot be locked,” said one of the women at the maternity home.

“We expected the hospital to provide security for us. The thief may come back again,” said the source.

The source said the matter was reported to the nurses who said they had reported the matter to the police.

Matabeleland South police spokesperson Inspector Philisani Ndebele could not comment on the matter when contacted for a comment.

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